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Eating Disorders in “Older” Women

The International Journal of Eating Disorders recently published a new study which found that 62% of women age 50 and older surveyed said that weight negatively impacted their lives, 8% reported purging, and 70% said they were in the process of dieting or trying to lose weight.  This study illustrates what we in the field already know- Eating Disorders are not a disease of young women- they effect women and MEN of all ages. The study also illustrates that many factors contribute to the development of an eating disorder and late onset is not uncommon. Many men and women go through life altering changes mid-life that can bring up earlier attachment issues, relationship issues, past traumas, and other issues that can cause them to focus on weight and body to feel in control or manage anxiety. Click here to read the full story on ABC.COM.  Castlewood Treatment Center has programming designed specifically for "older" women, women with children, and men of all ages. We work hard to make sure that our clients address their specific underlying  issues  through individual and group therapy. We also work to maintain a therapeutic community that can relate to one another in regards to life experience.