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Client spotlight: Treatment center uses search marketing to find those who need help

Previous patients from Castlewood testify that this treatment center doesn’t just save lives—they teach people how to live. Castlewood is a residential eating disorder treatment center that offers individualized programs to help clients change. In fact, the facility has been around for over ten years and now has two peaceful locations in Missouri dedicated to identifying, treating and resolving disorders for a longer lasting recovery. Before the Internet, potential patients found their treatment centers like Castlewood based on referrals from their clinical professionals. Now, potential patients primarily get their information online, and treatment centers like Castlewood have to be there. “Clients use the Internet as the new referral source,” the clinical marketing director of the Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders, Deanna James said. “They want to see testimonials and they would like to see the treatment center before they go.  So, we provide all of that information on our website.” Potential patients check out websites and social sites to evaluate different care centers for eating disorders. Castlewood sought out search marketing years ago to help the company capture the attention of those seeking freedom and help. “If we don’t rank high, it doesn’t matter what is on our website. It is really important for us to rank high in order to be seen and we utilize search marketing to do it,” said James. By ranking high, Castlewood increases its exposure to potential patients seeking better health and care. According to James, about 60 percent of the facility’s referrals come from the web. Potential patients are able to find out about Castlewood because of their online rankings. After the treatment center began working with, they secured six keywords in the coveted number one search engine results page position and sixteen additional keywords in the top five positions. Better yet, the company has experienced an increase in organic website traffic by 554 percent. “It’s a highly competitive field,” James added. So in the end, the use of search marketing to amplify its reach to help others gave Castlewood a definite competitive edge.