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Normal in Schools

Normal in School is a national non for profit dedicated to educating the public about eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem through arts and mindfulness.  Normal in Schools has changed the face of eating disorder awareness campaigns, by including creativity and the arts into its endeavors. What began as an award-winning Off-Broadway musical (nor.mal), has become a series of programs and educational tools that have inspired youth and their families to seek treatment for eating disorders to break the shame that surrounds mental health issues. Since its inception in 2006, the live version of the Normal in Schools Program has been presented in more than 40 high schools, universities, medical, educational and arts conferences and festivals worldwide and has reached more than 27,000 individuals. The 75-minute performance is the focus of the NIS program and tells the true story of a family torn apart by an eating disorder through the eyes of the mother. Written by New York Foundation Artists & Art award winner Yvonne Adrian, Broadway veteran actress and writer Cheryl Stern, and Emmy award-winning composer Tom Kochan, nor•mal is a dynamic, fresh, and humorous rock musical characterized by short, episodic scenes, stylization, and deeply resonant and emotional storytelling. nor•mal goes beyond a standard informational presentation – it is a highly artistic theatrical work meant not only to raise awareness of eating disorders and family communication but also to demonstrate the healing power of theatre itself.The mandatory 20-minute talkback immediately follows the live theatrical performance and allows for the audience to have their questions answered by experienced, dedicated listeners. Normal in Schools also has a fantastic website full of resources, information and tools for families, friends, and anyone wanting information about ED awareness. Castlewood supports the NIS program and all that they do to bring ED awareness to the community at large.