Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Family Week at Castlewood

Castlewood Treatment Center hosts Family Week every six weeks for our Residential and PHP clients and their support systems. Family Week is a three day long intensive experience involving group, individual and family therapy. The staff provides psycho-educational groups for families to learn about eating disorders, the process of recovery, and co-morbid disorders such as anxiety & OCD. In addition to didactic and educational sessions, families participate in intensive group therapy sessions which help them to identify and resolve problematic family dynamics. Families also meet with our therapy staff individually and as a family to explore how they can best support their loved one in the recovery process. Family Week at Castlewood is always a time of intense healing as well as a time to develop a sense of community with other families. During our most recent Family Week, families shared that the openness of the other families facilitated increased insight into the recovery process and allowed them to better understand how to support their loved one. One mother shared "hearing my daughter express how she feels about her body and herself was extremely difficult and emotional for me; but it opened my eyes to what her life has been like." Family members often share that during Family Week they are able to identify dynamics that must change in order for the entire family to heal.  One father shared that "listening to the experiences of other families and clients has led to a better understanding of the disorder and how it is a family issue." The combination of group and individual family work facilitates this process of family growth. Castlewood is proud of our Family Week and the healing that occurs on a regular basis at Castlewood. We feel honored to be a part of this process with the families who come through our doors.