Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Each and every person connected to Castlewood played an integral role in my recovery

"I find it incredibly difficult to put into words the gratitude that I have for not only Castlewood Treatment facility but for the staff that work at Castlewood.  Castlewood and more importantly the people at Castlewood saved my life…..a life at the time I wasn’t even sure I wanted saved.  When I arrived at Castlewood, I was broken and barely hanging on to life.  Not only was I battling an eating disorder but I was engulfed in the most intense grief and post traumatic stress.  It was hard to face each day, let alone breathe.  Upon arriving at Castlewood, I was instantly surrounded by the most compassionate, skilled, brilliant, loving and honest therapists and I had a sense that I wasn’t going to be alone on this journey to recovery.  Step by step, day by day I was supported by this amazing team of individuals, from Mark and Lori, to my individual therapist, Theresa, to the dietitians, the nurses and on-line staff.  Each and every person connected to Castlewood played an integral role in my recovery.  There were days, many days, during my 5 months of treatment that I did not think I could make it, but they would not let me give up on myself.  They pushed me to limits that I didn’t think I was capable of getting to.  They created the space for me to deal with the grief and loss issues that I was facing in my current day situation, but also enabled me to see how my current day grief triggered my losses and traumas from childhood and ultimately how that all tied into my eating disorder.  The analogy that I like to use is that of an onion…..pealing all the many layers off to get to the core of my eating disorder. One of the beauties and strengths of Castlewood is the way in which they were able to individualize my treatment plan to my specific needs.  Castlewood isn’t in the business of serving tons of clients at once, but keeping their numbers small so that they can give all the individual attention that is needed to each client.  It’s about quality not quantity.  One of the best decisions of my life was to go to Castlewood Treatment Center and I will be eternally grateful for the therapy, compassion and support that I was provided during my journey back to a life that I do want to live." ~ Gail