Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Cheryl Ades, LCSW

Cheryl AdesIt is with confidence and gratitude that I fully endorse Castlewood Treatment Center.  Since 1994, I have specialized in the field of eating disorders in Louisville, KY. During the last several years, I have referred several patients to Castlewood I and Castlewood II.  The continuity of care is both impressive and thorough.  Each of my referrals was treated with the utmost respect, compassion, and care. For years, I struggled to find long term treatment that would adequately treat the root of the problem; trauma and attachment issues. Castlewood helps gently unearth the core issues of which food addiction and poor body image are merely symptoms. The skillful staff provides the safe container for the patient to release their protective behaviors and allow their potential to shine forth. In essence, Castlewood helps patients begin to choose life. Moreover, Castlewood is still my first choice for treatment for eating disorders.  Thank you for providing  quality comprehensive help in which I feel confident patients  will indeed receive what they need.

~Cheryl Ades, LCSW