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Teen Voices Magazine

Teen Voices is a magazine created by and for young women. The mission of Teen Voices is to support and educate teen girls to amplify their voices and create social change through media. Teen Voices was founded in 1988 by two "young"  women in Cambridge, Massachusetts who believed in the power of girls and young women to create social change through writing and art. Their vehicle of choice was the production and publication of Teen Voices, a four-color, glossy magazine by, for, and about teen girls. "Our work with teen girls over the past twenty years tells us that media created by, for, and about teen girls is a vital and important force for positive social change. " We are still the only alternative print magazine created by and for girls in the country. Teen Voices is a vibrant place where girls' voices matter in new and exciting ways."  The local Boston program has a national, and even international, impact through the print and online magazines that reach hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide. The magazine helps girls achieve personal and community transformation first by providing them with the tools needed to articulate what they know, want, need, and deserve."  Through the journalism mentorship program, girls learn writing and editing skills, develop critical thinking, and understanding of social justice."  They present what they know and learn at speaking engagements and through the magazine. Teen voice promotes a healthy self image and empowers young women to be intellectual, creative, and focus on the positive voice they can have in the world.  They host an artist of the month contest which encourages young women to sent in art work about a theme. In conjunction with the National eating Disorders association and for ED awareness month- march's theme is Beauty is more than skin deep. We at Castlewood cannot wait to see the artwork this month's theme produces! Keep up the good work Teen Voices!