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Missouri Legislation for Eating Disorders

A letter from the Missouri Psychologists Association regarding potential legislation: We continue to make progress on HB 1509 (Sponsor: Rep. Stream) which would mandate coverage for eating disorders by private insurers in Missouri. I am meeting with a representative from the National Eating Disorders Association who has been working with Rep. Stream on the legislation from the beginning. We will be covering both the clinical evidence that would support this legislation but also the financial evidence that would make this a cost-effective measure.  If you have a moment, please contact your state representative and tell him/her that you support HB 1509 or on the senate side SB 634 (Sponsor: Sen.Pearce). Also regarding this legislation we are drafting language that wouldinclude psychologists specifically in name as providers who work with individuals suffering from eating disorders and who are often providing first-line treatments to these individuals of empirically supported treatments (e.g., CBT).  Both Rep. Stream and Sen. Pearce were receptive to including psychologists in the bill as an amendment. This probably won't get passed this session, but we're working to make the bill even stronger for next year and one that is more psychologist-friendly. Another example of MOPA working hard for Missouri psychologists's interests. Richard P. Martielli, ABPP MOPA President Castlewood Treatment Center encourages anyone that feels compelled to write a letter urging your state representative to support this legislation. This will be another step forward towards equal coverage for Eating Disorders.