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Recovery Haiku’s

Castlewood step down clients recently participated in a group about the recovery process. Arathi Srikanta, MSW- step down coordinator encouraged the clients to begin to imagine what they wanted life in recovery to look like: To begin to explore all aspects of a full and balanced life. During this process clients developed recovery haikus to involve the creative process. Below are some of the beautiful haiku's our clients created. Life has come freely. As on earth heaven’s decent. Hope springs eternal.   No reservations. Walk in true abandon. Now is all I need.   Truly who am I? I am me, sufficiently. I am good to be.   Dance in the sweet rain, Sing at the top of your lungs, Liberated, fall.   Surely joy has come. I have found newness in Him, I want nothing else.   Step out on thin air. Feel the hand of God catch you. You are safest there.   Feel the sweet freedom Life, smiles, happiness, joy, love Recovery wins   Reveal your true self Courage confidence selflove Live in each moment   Break free from the pain Strength and confidence prevails Today and always   Life is awesome I am great today  forever Freedom is now   Life is a choice I have the freedom for me I claim my rights   Spontaneity Immeasurability Life, change, forever   Waking, Wanting life and everything that comes with it Happy hard sad all   I am holding on. To all that’s calm and loving. God will keep me here.   Sweet Disposition. Has all but left me now, yes. I am not perfect.   I will love myself Because no one showed me how I am all I’ve got   Keeping myself safe Recovery; a blessing I’m allowed to thrive   Flexibility Patience is necessary, Love yourself always.   One day at a time, Listen to your honesty, Believe in gods truth.   Devote,cope,forge,trust Celebrate life fully, Wings of the future arise   Reach out with power Love all others openly Take care of thyself

Castlewood's Step Down (PHP) program:

Our Step Down program is usually a transition from residential care, moving from carefully monitored progress to fully independent freedom. The program focuses primarily on practice, with an emphasis on acquiring the life skills needed for successful long-term recovery. Clients build on the skills and healthy eating habits learned in the residential experience, trying them out in circumstances more closely resembling real life. There is greater autonomy and more personal responsibility, yet there’s also plenty of support, guidance and community. We understand that every new phase in a client’s recovery entails unique challenges, so this program is custom-tailored for each individual. Stepdown clients will develop a balanced lifestyle in a variety of areas: appropriate nutrition, work, school or volunteer activities; supportive relationships; recreational activities and self-care. The more opportunity to practice these life skills in the Stepdown phase, the greater the odds for a sustained recovery. During Stepdown, a meal and exercise plan is developed for the individual client by the nutritionist. Clients frequently say our dietitians and nutritionists are the best they’ve ever worked with. We consider this a supreme compliment and a major reason for our high rates of success.
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