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Open Letter to Dr. Oz

In a recent Bradenton Herald editorial, Lisa Kantor, JD shared her concerns about an episode of the Dr. Oz show regarding Eating Disorders. The title of the episode was "Dying to be Thin: Meet the Skinniest Women in America" and according to Kantor "perpetuated myths about the disease and provided harmful information to millions." Episodes such as this one are aired under the guise of Eating Disorder Awareness or prevention. However, the unintended effect is to glamorize Eating Disorder and perpetuate myths about the disease.  Myths such as that only those with Anorexia or who are below weight are at risk for health complications or death are detrimental. Many who might seek help, watch these episodes and hear the message that they are not severe enough to seek treatment. This episode also featured pro-Anna information and stated that it was a new "fad". Unfortunately, most  media coverage of Pro-Anna websites only encourages people to seek them out. It is clear that the Dr. Oz show did not do their homework and seek consults from those in the field of Eating Disorder awareness, prevention or treatment. We applaud Lisa Kantor, JD for sharing her concerns with the media and challenging the Dr. Oz show to provide more accurate and informed coverage of Eating Disorders.