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Eating Disorders in the Military

In a recent ABC new article, A West Point graduate shares her struggle with an Eating Disorder. This article highlights the increasing prevalence of eating disorders in the military. One study suggested that the diagnosis of eating disorders among service members doubled from 1998 to 2006, although the number remained relatively small. The military, much like professional sports, appears to be an environment where eating disorders are more likely to develop.  The environment cultivates severe pressures to attain and maintain peak physical condition marked with regular weigh-ins. For those who are already at risk or have disordered eating this environment may push their eating disorder into high gear. This coupled with the extreme psychological pressures and stress can be a prime breading ground for eating disorder behaviors. Castlewood has treated many clients that are active or ex-military. Our unique program helps clients identify the underlying causes of their Eating Disorder while helping them learn new coping skills. Castlewood specializes in the treatment of Eating Disorder as well as PTSD, thus making Castlewood an excellent fit for ex-military who may have both diagnoses. For more information on the this news article click HERE