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Non-Shaming Ways to Promote Anti-Obesity

There is growing concern among those that treat Eating Disorders regarding recent anti-obesity campaigns, particularly one being use by Children's Health Care of Atlanta (CHOA). The CHOA advertising campaign is shaming and stigmatizing of children who are overweight. It is not encouraging healthy balance, not encouraging healthy eating habits, it simply is public bullying.  It speaks to the shaming and stigmatizing nature of our media and culture when it comes to weight. The National Eating Disorders Association as well as the Academy of Eating Disorders have issues statements encouraging CHOA to pull the advertising campaign and re-evaluate their message. While we support campaigns that encourage healthy eating and balanced living, many of the recent anti-obesity campaigns are not doing this. We are shocked and horrified by CHOA's initiative which we find shaming. The fear among Eating Disorder advocacy groups is that these types of advertising campaigns only encourage weight prejudice among our children and thus encourage bullying. At Castlewood we encourage those creating Anti-obesity campaigns to consult the experts and design advertising that promotes health not weight- stigma. To view the "stop sugarcoating" advertisements go to