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Binge Eating and Depression linked in Teenage Girls

According to an article on Medical News Today, a recent study was conducted on the correlation between depression and binge eating in teenage girls. The study found that adolescents who struggle with depression are 2 times more likely to develop binge eating habits than girls who are not depressed. The researchers are suggesting that "Binge eating prevention initiatives should consider the role of depressive symptoms, and incorporate suggestions for dealing with negative emotions." This article and research illuminates a concept very familiar to those of us that have been treating eating disorders for years. Depresssion, negative self image, self hate, shame, etc are the underlying causes of eating disorders. It is not a far leap then to make the statement that without addressing the underlying causes eating disorder symptoms will not remit. At Castlewood, this is exactly our goal. Treat the underlying depression (or other co-occurring disorders) while working to contain the eating disorder symptoms. We work with each client to develop an individualized  treatment plan that will address underlying anxiety, depression, family dynamics, or other co-occurring addictions.