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New Year Recovery Resolutions

This New Year why not try making recovery resolutions rather than the same old New Year's resolutions?  Many of our clients often discuss year after year making resolutions for their Eating Disorder. Resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, be more perfect in their role as daughter, mother, son, father, employee, etc. At Castlewood, each New Years Day, we encourage our clients to write down all of their old eating disordered resolutions and burn them. Then create a list of positive recovery oriented resolutions for the New Year.  This can be a great exercise in developing positive achievable goals. I saw a new commercial today from Special K encouraging a National Weigh In- at first I was appalled and concerned. Then I watched further. This commercial encouraged women to "weigh-in" on a scale that says what they may want to gain this year. The scale read words such as satisfaction, joy, interaction, etc. What an amazing idea!! Why not stop trying to LOSE but rather work towards what we want to GAIN! At Castlewood, we encourage all of you to make a list of goals you want to achieve this year and focus on what you want to GAIN rather than what you want to lose. Your list may look something like this: 1. Spend more time with loved ones and developing authentic relationships 2. Practice listening to my body, what it needs for balance, health, rest, and nourishment. 3. Work on developing more insight and mindfullness in my daily life. 4. Read a good book 5. Take a great vacation Your list can be more specific, and you might even consider putting various interventions you would make towards accomplishing those goals! Now here is the tricky part, you will not achieve these goals through eating disordered behaviors. It is only through health that we gain happiness, connection with others, and success in life. Often it seems the inverse is true, but in my experience, those with the most balance and health have the happiest lives! For those of you who might still be struggling with some cognitive distortions around what will make you happy in the coming year (i.e. if I just lose this much weight, I will be happy!)... you might consider enlisting the help of a therapist to take a look at what would really make you happy in the coming year. Get help creating your list of intentions and what you want to gain! Castlewood Treatment Center wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!