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Weight Stigma Awareness Week

The Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) is sponsoring Weight Stigma Awareness Week this September 26-30, 2011. What is Weight Stigma? Weight Stigma is bullying, teasing, negative body language, harsh comments, discrimination, or prejudice based upon a person’s body size. Weight Stigma is something that shames and hurts many people (of all shapes and sizes) and it is time to spread awareness by talking about it! Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders supports BEDA in this important week and encourages others to get the word out about Weight Stigma. We encourage everyone to blog, tweet, facebook, about how weight stigma has effected you or your friends. BEDA is hosting a BLOG CARNIVAL for Weight Stigma Awareness Week. Here are the guidelines to participate: Topics: September 28th – How is weight stigma (in culture) a form of abuse that can lead to trauma and/or possibly to eating disorders? Blogging Guidelines: Length No limit to the length of post, but the more concise the blogs- the more of them that will get read :-) Rules Any blogger can participate in the carnival by writing about the topics provided above. To participate link up to the host site blog “Voice in Recovery” by using permalink (so that the link takes us to the topic blog not your homepage). For more information on permalink go here. ***Note: Participating bloggers should be sensitive to others journeys and refrain from using weight/size related numbers. Posts found to further stigmatize size, to be potentially harmful, or to be derogatory toward others will be eliminated from the blog carnival. Tag- Remember to tag all of your post with “spreading weight stigma awareness” Finally, we would love for you to join the conversation and tweet about your post using #weightstigma hashtag!! I look forward to reading all your post and building a movement to stop all forms of weight stigma and prejudice! Important Links: Voices in Recovery Blog