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Action Precedes Motivation- Emily Williams, LPC

 Action Precedes Motivation

Often at Castlewood we find that one of the biggest obstacles to recovery for our clients is depression. Clients have shared that depression prevents them from getting out and living life. They describe a cycle of waiting for the anxiety to remit and motivation to show up before they can go out and live life. We have found that sometimes action precedes motivation. If you are depressed and sit around waiting until you have the motivation to get out of bed and meet friends, it will never happen.  You have to take the action first, then the motivation will come.  If you force yourself to get up and do something fun, chances are you will enjoy it, therefore making it more likely that you will do it again the next day and so on.  Eventually, you will realize that you got out of bed at a decent hour for the past week and have found yourself enjoying time spent with people you care about.  And maybe you've even taken initiative to do more activities with more people.  The universe is not going to come knocking on your door, you have to step into it. At Castlewood, we work with our clients to help them develop skills to manage the anxiety that stepping into life creates. But at some point you have to choose to try it. To take that leap and use the resources you have to manage the anxiety, emotions, and depression that block you. Castlewood helps our clients practice these skills in our various levels of care so that they can feel effective before they go home and have to manage their life on a larger scale. But even if you aren’t in treatment, if you are sitting in your bed room right now waiting for motivation to show up, you might think about just taking that leap. Get out of bed, out of the house. Call a friend, go get coffee, go to the park. Get out and step into life. Emily Williams is the Program Director for Castlewood II.