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Depression in Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

A new study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  found that many women who suffer from depression during or after pregnancy have struggled with eating disorders and are victims of physical or sexual abuse. This study highlights that screening for eating disorders and history of abuse should be standard in prenatal care. Screening for eating disorders and abuse history should be standard in many screenings for medical care. To read the full article visit this link: Pregnancy related depression and Eating Disorders The relationship between depression and Eating Disorder as well as Eating Disorder and abuse needs continued research, but this is another step in illustrating that Eating Disorders serve a function. At Castlewood we believe that Eating Disorders are like a red flag being waived to say something else is going on here. Something else is wrong in my life. They serve a purpose for the sufferer. As I always say, if it didn't work, why would you do it? The key is to find enough healing for the past, and treatment for co-morbid conditions so that the ED symptoms are no longer necessary to get needs fulfilled. We believe in accurate screening, diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of not only the eating disorder, but all co-occuring disorders and underlying dynamics.