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Fat Talk Free Week:

Over 10 million women struggle with eating disorders in United States alone. Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders is committed to the comprehensive treatment of all types of eating disorders. Castlewood supports any community effort that works to combat the development and maintenance of the eating disorder mentality. Delta Delta Delta Sorority sponsors a week each year to promote healthy body image and combat "fat talk." Fat talk is anything that we say about ourselves or others in pursuit of the thin ideal. This can be  as simple as asking the age old question, Do I look fat in this? or even a seemingly positive comment to a friend such as "you look so great, have you lost weight?" Each of these statements suggest that our worth and beauty is tied to our weight or body type. Fat Talk Free week invites women to stop this type of meaningless conversation and practice complimenting ourselves, our body, and our strengths. Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders supports Fat Talk Free week 2010. We encourage each of you to stop the "fat talk" that occurs between women of all ages. Challenge yourself and your friends to NOT discuss weight loss, dieting, calories, how your thighs look, etc. Instead discuss how much you care about each other, discuss how beautiful your friends are, discuss each others strengths! Challenge yourself to have deeper more meaningful conversations and thus relationships with your girlfriends. For more information about Fat Talk Free Week 2010 please go to: Fat Talk Free Week