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Jess Weiner: Creating a Nation of Confident Women and Girls

At Castlewood, we are always looking for new information and websites that empower women to believe in themselves and overcome any obstacles they may face. This website by Jess Weiner does just that. This is website is all about developing a culture of women who love their bodies, who encourage one another, and challenges the "diet mentality." You can find inspiring posts about other women who are changing how the world and our culture view women. Jess is also an activist for young girls and helps them to LOVE themselves and their bodies. On this website you can give advice to young girls to help them face the challenges of adolescence. Check out her website  at :

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  • Victoria 1st says:

    I had to priviledge to hear Jess speak at a treatment center I was at once. She is very motivational and has lots to offer.

    At the time I was shocked by her upfront attitude but it really made me think.